How the game is played

The game is played on a checkerboard. As in checkers you play only on the black squares.

You can be one of the two sides:

bullet On one side are four sheep. These can be anything you want them to be: four thimbles, four buttons, four doohickies, four whatevers. They start on each of the four black squares at one end of the board.

bullet On the other side is Wolfy. Use your imagination; he can be a salt shaker, a candy kiss... He starts on any one of the black squares at the other end of the board.


Here's the way they move on the board:

bullet Any one of the sheep can move only one black box at a time, and only forward.

bullet Woolfy can also move only one black box at a time, but either forward or backward.

Did you get that? Sheep can move only forward, never backward, one black box at a time; Wolfy can move forward or backward, one black box at a time.

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