Plastic There you have it: a description of the six characters that make up the set, the King, Queen, Rook, Bishop, Knight, and Pawns. I've given you an idea of what they look like, a sense of their personalities, a picture of the way they move. I'll leave it at that, and let your imagination take over.

I fold a sheet of plastic; what do you see? I see a Queen or a Bishop.

Look at the top of a violin; what do you see? I see a Knight.

What about a set made of Lego? Hmmmm ...Light bulbs, and bolts and screws, and perfume bottles, and ping pong balls, and golf tees, and springs, and rocks, and famous buildings, and and and and...

If I'm really lucky, you'll let me see what you do, and maybe ...hey, listen to this, it's an idea that just came to me... maybe I'll put together another web site with all the ideas from all the six-year-old children -- those who will be six, those who are six, and those who would like to be six again. So pleeeeaaaasssseee send me a picture of your set. That would be great!

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