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About Gene Zelazny

Gene Zelazny is the Director of Visual Communications for McKinsey & Company.

Since joining the Firm in 1961, Gene's primary responsibility has been to provide creative advice and assistance to the professional staff in the design of visual presentations and written reports. This includes planning the communication strategy; structuring the story line; interpreting the data or concepts and recommending the best visual formats in terms of charts, diagrams, etc.; designing storyboards; and rehearsing the presentation. He is also responsible for designing and conducting communication training programs throughout the Firm, and has successfully integrated video workshops to improve the delivery skills of the consultants.

Gene regularly presents his ideas on Making The Most of Your Business Presentation at business schools including Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, Darden, Harvard, Haas, Kellogg, Illinois, Michigan, Sloan, Stanford, Tuck, UCLA, Wharton, and Washington, in the U.S., and INSEAD, LBS, and Oxford in Europe.

His first book, Say It With Charts, is available in six languages. The sequel, Say It With Presentations, was published in time for the Y2K celebrations. He is now working on Say It With Imagination.

On a personal basis, you can see Gene having fun playing tennis, riding his bicycle, designing original chess sets, toying with his grandson, all while holding hands with Judy. His book of personal essays, In The Moment, is now available on Amazon.com.

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